My Favorite 2012 Posts

I have a top ten most popular posts list in my sidebar, but often there are some great articles that don’t get the recognition and focus that they need. So I’ve decided to highlight not only my favorites from the posts I’ve written, but also my favorites from the Messy Marriage Team and my Share Your Story Writers as well!

My Favorite “Share Your Story” Posts:

1.  Becky from Time Out Devotions for Moms“Finding Contentment in Heartache”
Becky’s article was posted just recently on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, I learned too late that the blog hops I normally join were not “hopping” Christmas Eve. But it was such a special story that I felt like I’d short-changed Becky and my MM audience. Please give it another look-over!

2.  Kelli from Chronicles of Grace“Ties that Bind”
Kelli gave us an intimate look at marriage that rocked us down to the core!

3.  Jennifer from Finding FruitDoes What I Feel Really Matter?”
Jennifer’s post really gave us an authentic and raw peek into her heart—one we could all relate to.

4.  Megan from Sunshine Through the Windows“A Marriage Destroyed by Sin, Redeemed by Grace”
Megan shared such a personal and heart-wrenching story that none of us wants to experience, but know can be just a sin away! Thankfully, God was involved in redeeming what was lost.

My Favorite Messy Marriage Team Posts:

1. Gary“I’m Having an Affair … with My Cell Phone”
This article is so relevant and reflective of our technology-saturated society and made it to the top 10 list! Woo hoo!

2. KimberlyA Quiet Journey Through Grief”
Kimberly has a way of laying all her hurts and inhibitions down before us, like a sacrifice that builds up our hearts and deepens our perspective.

3. Stacey“The Drought of 2012”
This article gave us that much needed reminder to date our mates and reflects the positive affection that is so evident in Stacey’s love for her husband, Bryan.

My Personal Posts and Favorites:

1. Are You Invisible or Transparent?

2. 10 Questions to Ask When Depressed

3. Does Indulging Anger Change Our Brains?

4. How to Forgive the Continual Offender

5. The Price of Retaliating


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8 responses to “My Favorite 2012 Posts”

  1. Thanks, Beth, for the recommendations. I’ve sure enjoyed your blog, this past year!


  2. Thanks you, Beth. I think I will go back and read some of these again.


  3. Thanks so much, Joe! I appreciate you and your encouragement as well!


  4. That’s great, Heather. I hope some of the forgotten or overlooked posts bring you encouragement. 🙂


  5. I’m also looking forward to reading a few over and it looks like there were a couple that I missed. Thanks for posting again!


  6. Thanks so much to you, Kelli. You’ve been a blessing to MM and hope that your ministry at Chronicles of Grace thrives this new year!


  7. That’s great, Becky! I so appreciate your support and love for MM. Hugs to you!


  8. What a great idea! We often need reminders to go back and reread a fav. Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH. Every blessing, Kelly


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