Share Your Story – Needed Again!

Messy Marriage

Here at Messy Marriage, we strive to bring you real-life stories of God’s redemptive work in and through the messes in our marriage and lives. Last April, I (Beth) offered the invitation to you, our readers, to share your stories of redemption in marriage. And so many of you not only blessed us with your stories, but also “blew us away” with your …

Gut-level honest stories of fear and failure being transformed into faith!

Well, I want to offer that invitation again.

Do you have a story of how you and your spouse have navigated or are navigating …

  • The devastation of debt and overspending?
  • The many stresses of being a couple with babies or toddlers in the home?
  • The fear of, or dysfunction in, the sexual relationship?
  • The pain and loss of a child?
  • The pain and loss of infertility?
  • The disillusionment, distance and/or apathy that sometimes develops in marriage?
  • The chaos and struggle to blend a family after remarriage?
  • The helplessness and confusion of chronic disease or disability in a family or marriage?
  • The hardship that addiction to “anything” causes in a marriage?

These are just a starting point for the many ways we experience “messy marriage.” Maybe your story is not like any of these scenarios, but resonates with what Messy Marriage is all about. If so, then please let me know your particular story! We want you to join us in offering hope to those who are hopeless or despairing in their own messes.

The guidelines I’d like you to keep in mind are:

  1. You don’t have to share your name—many “Share Your Story” authors have remained “anonymous.”
  2. Write from a non-blaming point-of-view—taking personal responsibility is a high value here.
  3. Keep your article to 600 words or less—preferably around 500 wc.
  4. Be open to me doing some minor edits when needed.
  5. We want stories from men too … so don’t be shy, husbands! We need your perspective as well!

Are you willing?

Will you take this step of faith and put your story out there for those who need to hear it? I hope so! If you decide to take this step, please contact me either through a comment below or through my email at messymarriage at gmail dot com.

Thanks so much!


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17 responses to “Share Your Story – Needed Again!”

  1. Ok, Beth, I am really giving this some serious thought about what hard won wisdom I can offer to your readers. I will be in touch!


  2. Will be praying about this! 🙂


  3. Hi Beth. I have a story that might work, but not sure if it fits your criteria but you can take a look and see. It’s here: look forward to reading your guest posts. Bless you for your ministry.


  4. Yes, Gail. I think that describes a typical financial mess that can stress a marriage. I’m certainly interested and would probably post it soon, if you’re willing. Email me and we can figure out how to go about it. Thanks so much, my friend!


  5. That would be great, Jenni! Just let me know when and if you’re willing and ready!


  6. You know how much I’d love to have a story from your life and marriage shared here, Kim. I’ve really appreciated your heart and ministry at and would love to join forces some time in the near future! Think and pray about it and let me know!


  7. “The many stresses of being a couple with babies or toddlers in the home” – oh, Beth, I’m laughing! Where do I begin?! I’m thinking about this and would love to contribute. Are you up for using something previously written? One of my favorites is our epiphany on the importance of date night, which I wrote last winter, but it’s a bit longer than 600 words.


  8. What a wonderful idea, Beth 🙂 Blessings 🙂


  9. Sharing our ‘authentic story’ our real ‘heart and soul’ of who we are is difficult and a deep challenge. My first feart is no one would read it or be touched by it after I shared…from the heart.


  10. If it’s close to 600, then that’s fine. I’ve stretched the wc limit before, especially with Share Your Story’s. I always feel like you touch on these marriage and parenting issues so well at your place. I’m very excited and honored that you’d be willing to guest post, Becky! Thanks, my friend!


  11. Thanks, Dolly! I’ve seen how it has really resonated with MM readers. I think we all can relate on some level, even if it’s not exactly our own story. And I can’t wait to dig into Emily’s book! I appreciate you highlighting it and being a great bloggy friend! 🙂


  12. Awww, Sharon, I get that because it does come from such a vulnerable and raw place sometimes. It doesn’t take much to leave us feeling stripped bare for all the world to see. If you have a story that you feel God wants you to share, I know that I, for one, would be touched and blessed by it. And I think so would “He”–remember it’s for an audience of One. 🙂 I’ll be praying, my friend, and completely understand if this step is too daunting at this time for you. Blessings and hugs to you!


  13. Yes, I’ve been thinking about our get together still. We actually have a LivingSocial coupon I bought that puts us down in Crystal City. We just haven’t figured out what Friday we can do it. Anyway, you’ll be hearing from me, Kelli. I really want to meet you! And would love to have another “Share Your Story” from you, if you’re willing! No one said it can’t be repeated. 😉


  14. I’d love to! I’ll get thinking…


  15. That’s great, Christina! I was hoping you might be one who would volunteer! Email me when you have your story ready. 🙂


  16. Hi Beth~ I might be interested in sharing my story. You can read some of it here: Let me know if this is the type of thing you might be looking for. I found your blog through my sister Erica…she attends the same church as you, I think.


  17. Hi Kelly! Yes, that’s exactly the kind of story I’m looking for. I even checked the word count and it fits perfectly in my criteria. So just email me (the address can be found above in the end of this post) and we’ll discuss the details there. Thanks so much for coming by … thank Erica too. 🙂


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