Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our 2 year Anniversary giveaway this week!

Hailey's Birthday 2 Years Old
by nappent

I was so encouraged by the enthusiasm of those who shared plans to have a reminiscing date. I was inspired by those who shared a special marriage memory. And I felt especially blessed by those of you who shared what Messy Marriage has meant to you over the past two years.

Funny thing … many of you feel the messages here can be quite challenging to the point of painful! 

Hmmmm, imagine that!

Well, those comments have given me a new perspective about the way the words/messages here are being received. I realize that encouragement can have a positive and painful effect at times. And, although, I’m not going to back away from sharing the hard lessons I’ve learned and am still learning, I do want to be certain to come from a place of compassion and grace. You, my readers, have reminded me of just how important that balance is.

Thanks for being friends who speak not only words of kindness into my life, but also words of truth. I need We need them both!

So without further adieu, the winners that were chosen through random number generator are …

1. Becky Kopitzke
2. Shirley Young
3. Linda Stoll
4. Becky Boerner
5. Jenni Mullinix
6. Heather Spooner

Now, those of you who won and do not have a blog or who know I don’t know how to reach you, please send me a note with your mailing address to, so I can mail your book to you! Please let me know by the evening of Monday, October 15th. If you don’t let me know your mailing address by that deadline, I will choose another person to take your place … so consider yourself warned! 🙂

Also, I will randomly choose who gets one of the two book choices, unless you email me and request which particular book you prefer. Again, I cannot promise you’ll get that book, but I will try my best to honor any requests.

Thanks so much to all of you! Please know that your encouragement means so much!

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