Mary DeMuth’s "Everything" – Book Offer!

Over the past month I’ve had the honor and privilege of being selected to be a part of Mary DeMuth’s Launch Team for her soon-to-be released book, Everything.

One of the many opportunities that I was given was getting to read her book before its release to the public in mid October. But the best part of being on Mary’s team and reading her latest book is that her ministry and book are reflective of the ministry here at Messy Marriage.

Mary’s story is one wrought with pain and trials. She not only experienced the loss of her father at a young age, felt rejected by a neglectful mother, but also was sexually abused multiple times by a group of boys in her neighborhood when she was a young child.

The pain of her past was not relegated to her childhood and teen years only, she also shares with great vulnerability and frankness about the struggles she and her husband had during their time as missionaries in France. Messes in ministry are something that I could definitely relate to as well!

These wounds and more were the seeds of adversity that God used in her life to reveal His truths about redemptiona subject we love very much here at Messy Marriage!

Mary’s book takes you on an inspirational journey through the pain of her past to the discoveries God has planted in her heart through it all. I found my understanding of faith, community, failure, brokenness, and surrender further defined, expanded and enriched by her book. Let me give you a taste of just a couple of the quotes I absolutely loved:

“We ventured overseas because we love Jesus, because He asked us to go. In that call to us, He did not say, ‘Obey and everything will go smoothly. A mega church will be planted. You’ll find success at every turn, if only you’d obey me.’ Actually, it goes more like this: ‘Obey. Experience financial, relational, spiritual, familial trials like you’ve never encountered before. Slog your way through. Love folks who betray. Teach people. Endure. Fall down. Get back up, only to fall again. Pray a lot. And leave the results (which may look dubious) to Me.’”

Can I get an Amen from those of you in the ministry out there?

Here’s another great quote …

“The deeper issue is trust. Will we trust Jesus to lead, even when His leading looks like failure? Do we love Him enough to follow Him down that road? Or will we only follow Him where success looms on the horizon like a beckoning sunrise?”

Don’t ya just love these pearls of wisdom?

Well, if you’re interested in learning more about her book, she’s got a great deal for you, along with some other fantastic resources, that’s only available tomorrow and Thursday, Sept. 19th and 20th. Just click on this link to go to her site, Live Uncaged, and check out this great deal before it vanishes!

One more thing, if you’d like a sneak peek at her book, here are two free chapters just for your taking!



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  1. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere! Thanks for a peak inside and for linking up with WIP!


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