Is My "Comfort Zone" Really Safe?

We are continuing on in our series about being “consumed” and today the focus is on being consumed with comfort

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As I write this post, I sit in my “Easy Chair” with legs perched atop my pillow-covered ottoman. The A/C is set to a comfortable 77 degrees, but if that’s not cool enough, my ceiling fan works incessantly to provide an additional cool breeze to help me stay extra-comfy. Last but not least, I sip on my white chocolate latte while my laptop is tuned to Pandora. All this and more sets the stage for my effort to write on whether “my comfort zone is really safe!”  
Okay folks, the irony is not lost on me.

Of course, my life is not always this comfortable … and that’s the problem. Or at least that’s what it feels like when I encounter trouble. I find that in my “messy” marriage and life, discomfort might actually be more the norm than the exception. I’m not complaining … well, not now anyway! I’ll save that for when trouble crosses my path.

All kidding aside, I’ve been focusing lately on changing my perspective about the difficulties in life. I want to learn to “rejoice always” as the apostle Paul could boldly encourage the church of Philippi to do—while he sat in a cold, Roman prison cell.

I bet the temperature while “he” wrote wasn’t a comfortable 77 degrees. Of course, that was the least of his problems … and yet “I” can get tripped up by the slightest hint of criticism in my spouse’s voice or the smallest inconvenience my family puts in my path.

When I look back on my life and my 25 years of marriage, I’ve discovered that the very times I’ve experienced pressure, unfairness, inconveniences, hardships, losses were the times God grew me by leaps and bounds. But when things have been relatively quiet, I’ve worried about when the “next shoe would drop”—when my comfort would be challenged.

Doesn’t that mean I’m really bathing in dangerous waters when I stubbornly pursue the warm-fuzzies of my comfort zone?

Right now, my husband and I are facing a difficult challenge. We may feel that there are no answers, but we do have two choices. We can either make the choice to stay confined in our growth-paralyzing comfort zone, or we can make the choice to rejoice no matter how much we suffer. And in making that choice, we grow to trust and know Christ more and more. I’m convinced, that’s the choice I want to make.

How about you?

  • Are you facing a divorce that you don’t want?
  • Are you trying to escape the pain of your marriage by indulging in an affair?
  • Are you weighed down by a chronic or terminal illness?
  • Are you frustrated with a dry marriage or an apathetic spouse?
  • Are you and your spouse at odds constantly because of unresolved conflicts or painful circumstances?
  • Are you running from God because you think surrender is painful?

Perhaps realizing you have a choice to rejoice, knowing that God is giving you an opportunity for growth and greater closeness to Him, might get you out of your comfort zone and into the safety of His arms.

I hope that if you’re experiencing struggles, you’ll let me know how I can pray for you. It would be my joy to lift you up to our loving Father! 
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13 responses to “Is My "Comfort Zone" Really Safe?”

  1. StefanieYoungBrown Avatar

    (Visiting from Playdates with God)What an insightful and honest post! I appreciate your passion for marriage and allowing the Father to write through you so lovingly and directly.Have a wonderful Monday…


  2. oh how we love the cocoons of safety we built around ourselves … yet only Jesus can truly give us the safety and peace we’re longing for …now … to step out of the boat and trust Him with all those things that we have no control over after all …


  3. Very insightful! God gives us what we need, whether it is ease or struggle!


  4. Thanks so much, Stephanie! I really appreciate your kind words!


  5. “Control” truly is the word, isn’t it, Linda? We believe we have control when it’s just an illusion. I’m running into the arms of the One who has it all under control–Jesus! Thanks so much for coming by and encouraging me, friend!


  6. And He uses both in ways that we often cannot see at the time. I guess that’s why faith is so important. I’m stretching every day to trust that He’s got this!


  7. A choice to rejoice…that’s it, isn’t it, Beth? We must choose to praise. I’ve been guilty of anchoring in in the comfort zone a time or two :). I’m listening…


  8. I’m so glad you resonate with this issue, Laura. And I’m thankful for your support and hospitality in hosting Playdates. Thanks so much for coming by!


  9. StefanieYoungBrown Avatar

    You’re welcome…


  10. Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy Avatar
    Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy

    I am reading the book “Wrecked” by Jeff Goins, and it is reminding me that I am too far into my comfort zone. I knew it, but was trying to ignore it. Now to ask God to show me what to do to get out of it.


  11. Yeah, that’s another great book I want to read. Just came from Lysa Terkeurst’s site where she’s sharing about her Emotionally Unglued book. There’s a real tearing away of the mask these days and I want to join the revolution. No more “comfort zone” for me! Thanks so much for coming by and weighing in, Gaye!


  12. I always think of our challenges as a chance to grow our spiritual muscles! And you’re right. When we have our greatest challenges, we achieve our greatest growth! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!


  13. Yes, Diane, we may not like it but it’s the difficulties in life that give us opportunities to grow strong. Thanks for stopping by!


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