July "Share Your Story" – On Hold

Waiting for Grownups 

Well, today I wanted to share another “Share Your Story” by blogger, Megan Elzey of Sunshine Through the Windows. But unfortunately, I won’t … At least not today.

For the past couple of days my home internet has been out and we’re not expecting to get it back on until sometime later today. And although my plan was to try to and go ahead with Megan’s guest post by uploading it at a free Wi-Fi spot, I decided to simply wait until Monday to post it.

Honestly, I don’t like waiting. 

In fact, Megan and I were wondering if Satan might have his hand in this delay. But I prefer to think that God has some mysterious reason for the postponement and will bless our efforts to persevere in the face of obstacles!

Are you facing an obstacle or frustration in your life?

Please join me and Megan as we persevere in trusting God’s timing and purposes!

Oh, and of course, join us right back here on Monday the 16th for Megan’s story that I promise will amaze, move, and inspire you.

Photo credit by makelessnoise (Flickr)

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