Vacation Time – Make it a Priority!

When I was growing up, there was one thing my family always did every yeartake a family vacation. I have very fond memories of those trips. It was when my family came together and really talked and experienced life and fun times together.

My husband and I have been committed to taking annual trips with our family over the years too. It really is so important to have that time with our spouses and children away from the demands of life.

I hope that you have made that a priority for your family as well. 

If you can’t afford a vacation, do a “stay-cation” and find fun things to do around your hometown. It’s typical to never really explore your hometown, since you live there and believe you’ll always get around to it some other day. Maybe this summer is the time to “get-around-to-it!” 

Last week, my husband and I took our youngest (the only one who doesn’t have a full-time job back home) on a trip to my husband’s old stomping groundKnoxville, Tennessee. His parents live way out in a small community east of Knoxville, named Dandridge, in a log cabin on the lake. We take advantage of that scenic spot for a quick trip or two every year.

I’ve included some pictures from our trip below. I hope they inspire you to make a time away with your family a priority!

Bald River Falls, Tellico Plains, TN

Time with good friends of ours from many years back.
I love big old barns, so I had to snap this one!

The lines just amaze me!

Found a little barn hiding behind the bigger barn!

The fern adorned porch of a mansion in old town, Dandridge.

A Neck Tie Rocker! I love it!

Look closely at the craftsmanship!

Don’t you feel like you’re stepping back in time?

An old stone wall on the outskirts of town.

Can you see it? There really is a “price” for our freedom! At least at Walmart!

A very interesting front porch in East Tennessee. 🙂

Freshly chopped wood.

A babbling brook in the Smokies–just north of Gatlinburg.

My son, Braden, exploring the creek.

I wish you could hear the creek rushing by!

Wildflowers by the roadside–just beautiful!

My husband and I holding a sign for a church initiative back home, but why not make it your initiative to take a trip this summer!

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18 responses to “Vacation Time – Make it a Priority!”

  1. I LOVE Knoxville!! We were going to head to Knoxville for a vacation this month, but have had to put it off until probably the fall because of work and home circumstances. I am so blessed by your post and photos today. I will drink in the beauty of lovely TN via your words and pictures.


  2. Your photos are stunning! I grew up in Asheville, NC and all of the pictures made me nostalgic for MY old stomping grounds! Thank you for starting my day off right! Love and God Bless,Christy


  3. Oh you are talking God’s country…I moved to east tn in middle school…went to school @Ut…every time I go back…I see how much I miss the beauty of those mountains. Love the pics…makes me want to go hiking now:) blessings~


  4. Meghan Carver Avatar

    We LOVE vacations! My husband is a college professor, so we get to go for a few weeks each year. The children look SO forward to it.


  5. messymarriage Avatar

    And thanks to you, Ann, for being my faithful blogging friend. Your encouragement always means so much to me! 🙂


  6. messymarriage Avatar

    Well, maybe the fall might actually be the best time to go there. We’ve made some trips at that time and it is just breathtaking! Now you’ll have to return the favor and share some of the photos of your trip with all of us in the fall! Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement, Kim!


  7. messymarriage Avatar

    Yes, I love Asheville too! Our country is truly blessed to have these areas to soak up and enjoy. I’m so glad the pics encouraged you. Thanks for coming by!


  8. messymarriage Avatar

    We went to “Tomato Head” a new restaurant near UT in the heart of old town Knoxville with our friends pictured above. I love what they’ve done with that area near UT campus. Maybe you need to make a little trip that way to soak up another view of those mountains, Ro! Thanks so much for stopping by to encourage me!


  9. messymarriage Avatar

    That’s great, Meghan. My dad was a pastor who got to travel to the denominational convention each summer, so we traveled with him and made it a vacation–with an extra week to enjoy whatever city the convention was in. I really got to see many places in our country because of that. I hope your vacation is extra sweet this year! Thanks for stopping by!


  10. I have such happy memories of vacations. South Dakota, New England states, Pennsylvania, Florida or Canada. We’ve done the stay-cation and enjoyed it, too, when we didn’t have the time to take a long one. Loved seeing your pictures–and the I Will!


  11. Kimberly Green Avatar
    Kimberly Green

    Neck tie rocker. Looks like a Pintrest project! HA HA! Glad you had a good time.


  12. Great finds!I think my family took a vacation every year when I was little. Nothing extravagant. Just a time to get away as a family. Of course, those are some of my very best memories of our time as a family. Thanks for linking to the community writing project for The High Calling!


  13. messymarriage Avatar

    Sounds like your childhood was a lot like mine, Pamela. I got to see a lot of the US and am so grateful for those fun memories. Thanks for coming by and encouraging me!


  14. messymarriage Avatar

    I thought about that, Kimberly! So Pinterest is taking over my life too! 😉 Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement, girlfriend!


  15. messymarriage Avatar

    Isn’t that the truth. Our parents may not have realized just how precious those vacation memories would be for us, but it’s something that’s motivated my husband and I to keep it a priority! Thanks so much for hosting this great link up party, Deidra!


  16. Oh my gosh – So. Inspiring! I love “going on vacation” via other people’s vacation pics…I will make it happen for us. We are a family of five – and WILL take our first ever vacation! Even if it’s a one day road trip, it WILL happen!Wonder what it will feel like? Strange 🙂


  17. messymarriage Avatar

    Wow! First time to take a vacation with your family of 5? Sounds like you definitely deserve one! I’m so glad you’re committed to making it happen soon. And although vacations often “feel” challenging at times, I think you won’t regret it! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂


  18. messymarriage Avatar

    You’re so welcome, Charity. I’m so glad I found out about the project! Thanks so much for coming by and checking mine out too! 🙂


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