Marriage Devotions with Marisa Gary

This past week was the fourth week in a month long “Love Series” at Marisa Gary’s blog, We Were Made to Worship. If you haven’t stopped by to check the devotionals out, you should. In fact, this past Wednesday’s post was by yours truly.” 

So a shout out goes to Marisa for inviting me to join her in this great endeavor. I hope that you’ve recognized the power of connecting daily with God’s Word and applying it to your marriage. Connecting with God and your spouse can be a powerful tool in rebuilding a messy marriage!

3 responses to “Marriage Devotions with Marisa Gary”

  1. I’m adding this to my list of sites to explore. Congrats on being her guest!


  2. Hi Beth! Thanks so much for your comment on my post about the Father’s love. How can I be 54 and just scratching the service of His great love?


  3. I have been reading them and they are very good. I’m a little behind because last week was crazy but I’m gonna have to go find your post now. 🙂 That is great!


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