Who I Am and Am Becoming

Me at 4 – wish I could keep that kind of childlike joy in my adulthood

Today on Marriage Monday we have been asked to complete the following prompts …

I am … always failing forward—learning from my mistakes, most of the time!

I want … to come alongside couples, women in particular, to help them grow stronger in their marriages and in their faith.

I have … a lot of baggage that I’ve worked through and am amazed at how much more I still have to deal with!

I wish … I was more gracious—like Christ. That’s my New Year’s commitment.

I hate … when I let my pride and fear take over.

I miss … the days when my boys were little and didn’t mind running to my arms for a sweet, surrendered hug.

I fear … growing old and becoming irrelevant.

I feel … excited about the opportunities God gives me daily to grow and help others grow.

I hear … worship songs in my head—get’s me through the day!

I smell … good coffee brewing every morning and afternoon to satisfy my craving for a cup of comfort.

I crave … mostly chocolate, but sometimes a good raspberry latte too. : )

I search … my family tree endlessly lately. Yeah, I admit it, I’m a genealogy geek.

I wonder … what my life will be like when I have daughter-in-laws and grandbabies.

I regret … not letting go of my pride and dropping the façade that “all is fine” sooner in life.

I love … my Savior, my loving husband and my three sweet (and macho) sons.

I ache … when my kids are hurting.

I care … about people’s spiritual and relational health.

I always … wanted to be a Kay Arthur or Beth Moore someday, but now I’m glad to be just me.

I am not … as quiet and serious as some people (who don’t know me well) think I am.

I believe … forgiveness and grace are the most important lessons I’m learning in life.

I dance … only when no one is around. (Really, I’m doing you a favor!)

I sing … gladly in my church worship time. Gotta love a rockin’ worship service! Go Metro!

I cry … only in front of people that really matter to me.

I don’t always … let the tears flow when I should.

I fight … the tendency to fight over insignificant details.

I write … to live … and vice versa.
I never … keep my secrets for long—I know there is freedom in confession!

I listen … to uplifting Christian music all the time—I need all the help I can get throughout the day!

I need … supportive, gracious, Christian friends who are willing to tell me the truth in love.

I am happy … when I’m clinging to Jesus with all of my heart.
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30 responses to “Who I Am and Am Becoming”

  1. Amen! That is when I am happy too! What a mighty Savior we serve!I miss those sweet hugs too. I love it when my 14 yr old wants to sit next to me. I treasure those moments.Hope you have a great week!


  2. Our “SEARCH” answers are nearly identical!! I am a Genealogy geek as well. I’ve traced some branches of my family tree back to the 800’s and am currently working on a Genealogy Book for our family. I am glad I stopped by!!Connie


  3. Stacey Micklevitz Avatar
    Stacey Micklevitz

    You will NEVER be irrelevant to me!! You are a beautiful gift from God that I will treasure always. 🙂 LY!


  4. Love the picture…and the curls! You are such a beautiful person! Thank you for being transparent and sharing with us!


  5. Beautiful, vulnerable list that I can so identify with! Thank you for sharing.(and you are not alone in family search geekdom, I had to leave the research to come and read posts).


  6. Hi Beth, thanks for sharing your heart here…glad I got a little peek inside! I guess we all wish we could have retained the innocence and joy of a four year old.. cute picture!


  7. So cool! I love this one! It gives us an insight into you that is special.


  8. So nice to meet you! So true about forgiveness and grace – very important and we should never lose sight of it. I pray that I will be more gracious to others.


  9. I’m so glad we share that spiritual sisterhood. What a loving Father we have! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and encouraging me, Alfecia!


  10. I’m so glad you stopped by too, Connie!


  11. Thanks for saying, Stacey! It means a lot to me to hear you say that. I treasure you and your friendship too! LY *Hugs*


  12. Thanks for encouraging me, Shannon. S:-D (That’s me smiling with curly hair on top!)


  13. All of these genealogy geeks! I’m so glad I mentioned that. Maybe I’ll have to do a post on the obsession! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your sweet words!


  14. Thanks for coming by and sharing a little encouragement with me today, Lisa Maria! Yeah, to be like a child again–wouldn’t that be great?!


  15. I’m so glad you feel that way, Heather. It makes me “feel” special. 🙂


  16. Yes, God is doing so much in my heart regarding forgiveness and grace. It’s literally transforming my perspective in so many ways! Thanks so much for stopping by and encouraging me, Iris!


  17. I’m with you on the wonder about my life and daughters-in-laws. Nice to meet you.


  18. Awesome list.


  19. Nice to meet you too, TG. Come on back by again soon!


  20. Thanks so much, Denise–for saying and for hosting Marriage Monday!


  21. Love to be married to you. Oh, I am! And thankful.


  22. I enjoyed your post! So happy you feel called to minister to women. I’m sure they love your caring, nurturing spirit. (Your DILs and grandbabies will benefit too, some day.) Geneaology is fascinating … history really comes alive, doesn’t it? Love Gary’s comment. WOW!Hugs, and Blessings, e-Mom


  23. I appreciate your transparency, I know the desire for more grace, and I crave chocolate too. Great post.


  24. I enjoyed reading your list. I’m visiting from Marriage Monday. I enjoy hugs from my 7 year old so much and see how he is growing up so fast in so many ways now! Have a blessed day! Bethany


  25. Thanks, Bethany! Treasure those hugs now, because if you have a boy, he probably won’t want to hug you when he’s a teen. According to my boys, he will have to revoke his “man card,” if he does! haha!


  26. Thanks for stopping by and saying, Julie! Grace and Chocolate – a perfect match! 🙂


  27. You’re the best, e-Mom!


  28. Awww, thanks for saying, Gary! XXOO


  29. you are awesome, Beth!


  30. I enjoyed reading your list. Thanks for sharing!


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