Winners of the 10 Book Give-Away

Before I announce who the winners are, I want to thank each and every one of you who commented. Your ideas, reflections, and encouraging words mean so much to me and the rest of the team at Messy Marriage. It is so helpful to know what has been working or met a need, and what needs to be addressed more fully, from a different viewpoint or for the very first time on our blog. Keep checking back for the topics you’ve requested. I promise they will be posted here soon!

So, without further ado, the winners are …

  1. Gwen
  2. Nikki
  3. Carissa
  4. Brandy
  5. Donna
  6. Vicki
  7. Diana
  8. Angie
  9. CMK
  10. Julie
Here’s how this will work:
  1. If your name was listed, email me at – bethsteff to let me know your top three choices from the books offered. (In case you didn’t notice, you can click on each book and it will take you directly to the Amazon page for that book to read more about it, to help you with your decision.)
  2. If I am not aware of your mailing address, then email me your full name and the address where you want your book mailed to you.
  3. I will determine who gets the book of their choice based upon how quickly you commented. The earlier you commented, the better your chance to get your number one choice of book.
  4. The deadline for getting me your info is next Wednesday, October 19th by 9 p.m. (If you don’t let me know your info by the deadline, I will give the book to one of those who didn’t win in this first round. Sorry, but if you “snooze, you lose!”)

And this Friday is a big day – I’m going to try an experiment with a commenting/confessional forum called, “Confess the Mess.” So check back with me Friday the 14th to see what that’s all about!

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