Spark #3 – Plan a Special Date

Just last week someone who read Wednesday’s post, “Romantic Nonsense” said to me, “I know you don’t like all that romantic stuff.” So I’m feeling the need to set the record straight . . .
I am not against being romantic—I simply am against romantic nonsense!
Romantic nonsense is finding your sense of worth from your spouse. Romantic nonsense is believing that someone or something other than Christ can satisfy your soul longings. But…
Romantic sense is an essential element to a growing and thriving marriage.
In an effort to show that I do indeed believe that romantic gestures make sense, here’s an example of a time when I did something rather romantic for my husband. And I hope my gesture might spur some ideas for all of you who are looking for a romantic spark.
My Romantic Plan(And yes, for all you free-spirits out there, romance can be planned and still be romantic!)
A while back, I planned a special mystery date for my husband and I to go on. I took him to several locations that had some connection to a special place or moment from our past. I wrote out a clue as to why that spot had significant meaning and he had to guess why it was so special or what it signified once we arrived there.
For example, it might’ve been that the name of the street was significant. On one of our stops, I’d located a street named, “Maui” (the place we went on our honeymoon—the island, not the street!). Gary could guess based upon the clue that I’d written or he could also look around for other clues. If he needed it, I gave him other hints along the way.
Usually he figured out the clues before I had to reveal them. And at this location, once he figured it out, I pulled out honeymoon pictures to look over together to add to the reminiscing factor. Then we were off to our next mystery stop, which had to do with another important moment in our marriage.
Now, the locations we went to on that date weren’t necessarily exciting or full of fun activities, but the planning and reminiscing we did on that day meant a lot to Gary.  And you know the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Well, that’s exactly what Gary saw in all of my efforts that day. I think the mystery date reaffirmed my love for him as well as reminding him of the many fun times we’d had together in our marriage.
So, has our mystery date stirred some romantic ideas for you? Or maybe it’s reminded you of some special date you and your spouse have already experienced.
If so, tell us about it!

Tell us about other romantic gestures you’ve done or experienced and maybe we can spread the love around!

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