Making a Bigger, Better Mess

Bonnie Gray posed the question to fellow bloggers: “What is something new God is asking you to step out in?”

At first, I hesitated to write what first came to my mind. In fact, the question seemed rather ironic to me because just this week I am stepping out in faith to do something very important for messy marriage.

I have asked a group of friends to join with me in brainstorming about how to develop messy marriage into a ministry. I will have two meetings for this purpose—one tonight and one on Saturday night.

For a very long time, I’ve felt God’s calling to reach out to hurting and confused couples as a counselor. But recently, I have felt that there’s a great opportunity to minister in far-reaching ways through this blog. But I don’t want the ministry of messy marriage to be limited just to inspiring or informative posts. I want there to be resources that meet the needs of couples on a personal and life-changing level.

I don’t know exactly how that will be demonstrated or unfold. That’s where the brainstorming sessions come in.

But here’s where you come in . . . please be in prayer for these meetings. Ask God to give us insight and understanding into what He wants to do with this ministry.

This is a very scary yet exciting step for me, but I feel that God is and has been preparing me and this blog for bigger and better days ahead. I say that not out of what I hope to gain, but what I hope others will gain through this ministry. So please check back, and in the very near future I will reveal messy marriage’s next steps!

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