May I Have the Envelope Please . . .

The exciting moment has come – a winner has been chosen! But first . . . 
I want to thank everyone who was willing to share topics and ideas with me about future posts. I will do my best to address these concerns in the days and weeks to come. Please be patient with me as I may need to do some research on the topics. I want to do a great job, since each response was an area of specific interest or need. 
So, drumroll, please! The winner of the book contest is . . . 
the anonymous commenter – Yay!!! (cue applause)
Thanks again to everyone for participating in messymarriage’s first give-away! Stay tuned for future give-aways coming your way!

(Oh, and by the way, I do know who the anonymous commenter is and will be getting the book to that person as soon as possible.)

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