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Before You Snore or Go Out the Door

Marriage Devotional - Want to grow closer to your spouse and your God? Then check this devotional out! #devotional #couple #marriage #devotions #Bible #prayerOne of the most effective ways to gain connection and satisfaction in marriage is through spiritual pursuits that you do together as a couple. In this devotional, you’ll be given the opportunity to pursue daily spiritual practices together like reading Scripture, discussing and applying the truths, as well as praying over what you’ve just discovered as a couple. These are the kinds of ties that bind us in loving and meaningful ways in marriage.

This 30-day devotional is intended to be a quick connection point for you and your spouse, using it either before you go to bed or before you part ways for the day. The topics covered are all marriage-related and offer prime examples of how to improve as spouses in marriage. Not only will you learn more about God’s word and how to apply it, but you’ll also likely learn a few things about your spouse—maybe even some of what your spouse loves and appreciates about you!

If you give yourself to this process, you’ll not only grow closer to God but He, in turn, will help you to grow closer to your spouse!

Click this link—Before You Snore or Go Out the Door—to purchase the Kindle version for $4.99 on Amazon.

If you’ve been around MM for any length of time, you know that I’ve developed a Bible study method that not only allows you to glean, understand, and apply biblical truths to your life but also gives you a prayer prompt, along with examples for praying your readings each day.

How many other Bible studies and/or devotionals offer you that?

Ephesians: Breaking Down Barriers & Living Secure

Ephesians Bible Study - This book offers you ways to understand, apply, and pray these inspiring Scriptures! #Ephesians #Bible #Scripture #study Few books of the Bible offer such a comforting and clarifying foundation for the Christ-follower’s faith than Ephesians. In my W.O.R.T.H.Y. Bible study, you’ll be amazed by the mystery of how Christ brings you into oneness with His body—the family of God. You’ll also discover how to follow Christ’s example for living and loving your own family, respecting authority figures in your life, as well as how to effectively battle the spiritual forces of evil in the Savior’s power. All of this is done for you in a very personal way—being guided by me like a friend along the journey with you, revealing how the Scriptures are challenging and convicting me.

Click the links to check out the Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.


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